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veterinary products for dogs


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Anti-Bacterial Skin Spray 200ml
Anti-Bacterial Skin Spray 200ml
Contains a high percentage of Tea Tree which is both anti fungal as well as anti viral. Protects, so..

Bone Radiol   500ml
Bone Radiol 500ml
Bone Radiol is truly one of the longest standing products on offer from The Greyhound and Whippet Sh..

Bone Radiol  250ml
Bone Radiol 250ml
Tried and tested embrocation for bone and joint issues ..

Dermoline Skin Ointment   100gr
Dermoline Skin Ointment 100gr
A soothing ointment suitable for use on cuts and abraisons where the application of a spirit based a..

FormulaH - 5 Litre
FormulaH - 5 Litre
An effective and economical disinfectant.Effective against canine parvovirus,canine viral hepatitis,..

Tuff Foot   8floz
Tuff Foot 8floz
Tuff-Foot applied to soft pads assists in hardening them up. Great for tender, red or sore pads as a..

Veterinary Wound Powder   125gr.
Veterinary Wound Powder 125gr.
An antiseptic wound powder dor minor cuts and wounds. Helps dry weeping wounds and is the ideal addi..