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B-12 PowerSurge  500ml
B-12 PowerSurge 500ml
A high potency B-12 tonic that is readily absorbed providing improved performance. ..

Betacel 1kg
Betacel 1kg
Betacel is part of the well researched Vetsearch family of products from Australia. It is a pow..

Betacel 2kg
Betacel 2kg
Betacel is part of the well researched family of products from Vetsearch Australia. It is a powdered..

CalCi-D    850gr
CalCi-D 850gr
An essential supplement for pups and young dogs as calcium is the essential ingrediant necessary for..

CalCi-D   400gr
CalCi-D 400gr
Calcium,Vitamins A and D. Cheese flavoured. Ideal supplement for pups to ensure correct skeletal dev..

Feramo Greyhound  1.5 Kilo
Feramo Greyhound 1.5 Kilo
As part of the well researched Vetsearch family of products from Australia Feramo provides a complet..

Feramo Greyhound 450g
Feramo Greyhound 450g
Concentrated Vitamin, Mineral,and iron supplement. ..

FRA Boost  5 Litre
FRA Boost 5 Litre
A great tasting beef flavoured tonic which improves dogs stamina, power and endurance. Restores dogs..

FRA Boost Litre
FRA Boost Litre
Beef Flavoured Vitamin and minerals which improves condition as well as performance. Gre..

Garmivit Kilo
Garmivit Kilo
Contains all recommended vitamins and minerals for the racing dog including TruCal milk...

Glucose  3kg
Glucose 3kg
Glucose has long been used by trainers as a supplement for dogs performing  during periods of h..

Glucose 600gr
Glucose 600gr
Powdered glucose has long been used by trainers of racing and working dogs as a daily supplement to ..

Ironcyclen   litre
Ironcyclen litre
  This product is from the well researched and established Vetsearch range from Australia. It c..

Neutradex Litre
Neutradex Litre
Neutradex is another fine product from Vetsearch of Australia. It assists in kkeping the racing/work..

Nobute Litre
Nobute Litre
Nobute is the natural way to relieve the pain of arthritis in older dogs  Containing Devils Cla..